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This is my own personal project. Eyes On The Screen has been a small success, with ambitions of simply being a blog, the website and brand now have 8 writers and an illustrator on staff. The website has been a great place to practice my SEO and is a still a great avenue for me to continually produce content.

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Eyes On The Screen

“Need to know what to watch next? Welcome to Eyes On The Screen, recommendations written by a team of cinema lovers. We don’t just watch any old film…”







Eyes On The Screen started after my graduation as a personal blog. It was a way of continually writing about my interests in avant-garde cinema and testing out my skills in branding, marketing and content strategy. Since the website has been so successful, with 200 likes and followers on Facebook in a little over 2 weeks,  I have decided to use EOTS as a way to push my skill sets further. Eyes On the Screen was built with the intention of offering film recommendations in the form of short tailored reviews. We did not want to review all films, only ones that had been vetted by our editorial staff. It is now a small brand and is soon to be an online store.

Website Design, SEO and UX (WordPress)

From the outset, I have been involved in the SEO and UX of the website. After finding the perfect template, I set about customing the site so that users would have the best and smoothest experience.


We decided to split the films into ‘overly generic’ categories and by ‘date’. This gives the user an added level of intrigue when they are searching for films of a particular genre to watch.

Although the site is optimised for terms like ‘movie reviews’, we realised very early on that ranking for these keywords, even locally, would be next to impossible. So, we set about creating snippet copy that would be engaging from a purely content specific point of view (in order to boost clickthrough rates). As there are so many ‘film review’ sites, we branded ourselves as a recommendation site, implying that we would offer only concise and informative posts on the movies we recommended.

The branding of the website has been a very interesting process. Our ‘Eye’ is a combination of influences. It is a reference to the B-Movies of the 1970’s, the underground skate or ‘HèSH’ art (reminiscent of illustrator Jim Williams) and a throwback to Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali’s iconic short film ‘Un Chien Andalou’. We made sure that the artwork itself was done to a high standard to reflect a level of refinement in the brand. The same goes for our typeface, as it is a much neater take on old Grindhouse cinema fonts.

The strapline itself is slightly cumbersome, for our social media launch we wanted it to be informative as opposed to ‘punchy’.


However, now that we are starting to gain some brand recognition, as of 2017 we will be going with the original strapline:

One of the most well-received aspects of the content/branding on the site is the ‘Recommended Viewing Situations’, an ideal space for our writers (and brand) to communicate their personalities with the audience. The one below is for the surreal French New Wave classic, La Jetée.

My time as the website’s Editor-In-Chief has allowed me to pick articles that I specifically wanted to focus on.

My Contributions:

Rare Exports
La Jetee

La Jetée (1962)

· Eyes On The Screen


Brazil (1985)

· Eyes On The Screen

Happy End

Happy End (1966)

· Eyes On The Screen


Nightcrawler (2014)

· Eyes On The Screen

Four Lions

Four Lions (2010)

· Eyes On The Screen

Punch Drunk Love
Les Yeux Sans Visage
What We Do In The Shadows
It Follows

It Follows (2014)

· Eyes On The Screen


Pi (1998)

· Eyes On The Screen


Martyrs (2004)

· Eyes On The Screen

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Frank (2014)

· Eyes On The Screen

Song of the Sea

Persepolis (2007)

· Eyes On The Screen

Blair Witch
Dr Strangelove
Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin (2013)

· Eyes On The Screen

A Field In England

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