Smoke Creatives

At Creative Bloom, I was tasked with re-designing Smoke Creatives’ current website, with a limited budget and timescale, that was user and SEO friendly.

CategorySEO and UX & Front End Development (Squarespace)
Job TitleSEO Consultant, UX Designer
Skills UsedOn-page SEO, Server side SEO, SquareSpace Web Design, Photoshop, Off-page SEO

Smoke Creatives Website Design and UX


Smoke Creatives is a content creator of a curious kind.

We’re happiest exploring and unearthing, learning and experiencing: be that brands, culture, nature, travel, science, art or food. So, while they say curiosity killed the cat, at Smoke, we believe that curiosity is the foundation of great brand engagement.”


I was tasked with making the Smoke Creatives main site more user and SEO friendly. When I was given the site to investigate, I found that there was limited content, poor internal architecture and their homepage had no breadcrumbs or social links. My first task, in the limited time I had, was to turn the homepage into what you see above.    

Next, I decided to organise the ‘Our Work’ section so that when each project was selected, there was appropriate information given about what the project entailed.

I put a dedicated contact page on to the site, as before, there was simply a text message with an email address on the original page.

I created a ‘What We Offer’ section so that potential clients could easily select the services that they needed (below is a picture with placeholder images to illustrate the proposed new pages). I stressed the importance of adding original content to this section so that there was no duplicate content on the site.

I also created a dedicated an About page. Before, the site had no sign posting explaining what the agency did.

I also streamlined the navigation menu on the website to make sure that the user could understand exactly where everything could be located. Given the limited time and budget, there were a number of recommendations that weren’t done, so I had to make decisions to give the client the best results with the constraints.

Click here to see the new Smoke Creatives site in action.



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