The Mysterium (Hodder & Stoughton)

In conjunction with Hodder & Stoughton and the Ernest Journal, I was given the opportunity to research and contribute 2 features to a project called ‘The Mysterium’, a book about modern mysteries. This is the first time that my work has been featured in an internationally published book.

CategoryContent and Copywriting
Job TitleContributor
Skills UsedWriting, Editing, Research

“In ‘The Mysterium’ David Bramwell and Jo Keeling (authors of popular and acclaimed ‘The Odditorium’), present a user guide to the strange and unexplained corners of modern life. ‘The Mysterium’ catalogues a host of bizarre, funny and intriguing stories for a post-Nessie generation still fascinated by the unknowable. Drawing on contemporary folklore, unsolved mysteries, and unsettling phenomena from the dark corners of the internet, this book celebrates the joy of asking questions and the thrill of finding rational answers which stop you dead in your tracks.”

After working with the Ernest Journal as an Editorial Assistant for just under a year, I was asked to research 3 features for the journal’s 2nd book. The research centred around the elusive inventor and pioneer of the digital cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’, the modern-day equivalent of Big-Foot and the truth behind the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

As my research evolved, I was asked to write the 3 features that I had been researching. It was an incredible opportunity for a young writer to be given the chance to be published nationally and internationally in a book, whilst being involved in the processes of publishing at this level.

Although my feature on the modern-day equivalent of Big Foot was removed during the editing process, the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto and the realities of the Bermuda Triangle successfully made it into the final book. Below are previews of the articles and here is a link to the book itself.

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