Toop Studio

Toop Studio is a Brighton based design company with 16+ years experience. They combine branding, graphic design, video, commercial art and wall design. I have produced a variety of work for Toop Studio and their clients, including SEO, content strategies and copywriting.

CategoryCopywriting and SEO
Job TitleSEO Consultant, Copywriter
Skills UsedProofreading, Editing, Marketing, SEO, Technical SEO, Google Analytics

Toop Studio

“We believe that interesting results come from crossing the boundaries between disciplines; enabling different ways of thinking and final products that are more creative, more engaging and more effective.”

I have done a variety of work with Toop Studio throughout my career. Starting off as a video editor and camera operator for their school prospectus videos, I moved into copywriting and SEO for the firm, as a result of my time at university and my internship at iCrossing UK.


Marketing and Copywriting for Toop’s Clients:

Immediately after completing my degree, I was invited to create straplines for Toop Studio’s client Sage Accountancy. We were tasked with carefully crafting some copy that would be part of an internal loyalty scheme offered to the Sage employees. We were successful and our combined efforts were rolled out company wide. Unfortunately, I cannot display the completed works publically, as the agency that hired me and Toop Studio enforce a mandatory non-disclosure agreement on all affiliated works. I can, however, show it as part of my portfolio in interviews.

SEO Consultancy:

Recently, I implemented an SEO marketing strategy for Toop Studio, whilst performing an entire technical audit of their site.

The main aspects covered were:

  • Image Optimisation
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Metadata and Keyword implementation
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Architectural changes
  • Web Copy

 Copywriting for Toop Studio:

As part of an SEO strategy for Toop Studio, I co-authored three articles with the Creative Director, Shadric Toop. All of the articles we wrote focused on different aspects of design for schools and academies. When the articles were completed, they were released onto Toop Studio’s blog and Linkedin pages. You can see the articles below.


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