Whiteleaf Bridal Boutique

Tasked with finding a suitable WordPress template, building the website, transferring the domain of the new site and Photoshopping all of the site’s new images, this project put my skills as an SEO consultant to the test.

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White Leaf Bridal Boutique

A New Website for White Leaf Bridal

“Offering the most unique bridal experience in Brighton, White Leaf Boutique prides itself on presenting affordable bespoke dresses.”

Tasked with finding a suitable WordPress template for White Leaf Bridal Boutique, building the website, transferring the domain of the new site (whilst maintaining its SEO value) and Photoshopping all of the site’s new images, this project was a particular challenge that put a lot of my skills as an SEO consultant to the test.

I settled on a very modern and refined design for the site, with a view to reflecting the delicacy of bridal dresses. From an SEO point of view, making sure that appropriate calls-to-action were implemented was of the utmost importance.

We decided to split the ‘Wedding Selections’ sections into 3: Designer, Custom and Vintage.

We felt that placing video content on the bottom of the Homepage would be a great way to engage any potential clients without being overwhelming.

The child pages were relatively easy to implement, we went with a masonry style grid to keep the visuals of the site dynamic.

We placed multiple contact forms on the site so that potential clients had every opportunity to get in contact quickly.

The website build was relatively easy and once I had built the architecture of the site and placed all of the visual content, I was ready to begin the transfer from staging to live.

I settled on an SEO Best Practice strategy, matching all of the URLs from the old domain to the new one, and then transferring the old domain to the new site server side. The process was rather fast and painless from an SEO perspective, with no dips in traffic reported.

Click here to see the new White Leaf Bridal site in action.



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