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Barceló Asia Gardens

On a serene hillside in the Alicante region of Spain sits the Barceló Asia Gardens hotel. The Asian inspired resort is a family friendly haven, surrounded by sweeping greenery and met with gentle Spanish winds. Complete with a stunning array of elegant rooms, Thai spa and beauty salon, the Barceló is unlike any other hotel in Spain.

Populated with ornate Buddhist statues and underpinned by a distinctly European feel, the Barceló Asia Gardens is a bridge between the east and the west. This is exemplified throughout, from the hotel’s champagne bar, offering the finest from the region, to their Langkawi pool area.


The Barceló Asia Gardens provides exquisite Balinese style rooms with a modern twist. All of the pristine suits come equipped with a 43inch LCD television, free WiFi, DVD player with music system, a private terrace, and 24-hour room service to meet your every whim and desire. This is one of the few places that you will find stunning and authentic Eastern décor this side of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Barceló has a fantastic selection of gastronomic delights for its guests, ranging from authentic Asian cuisine and Mediterranean delicacies, to intimate mixes of the two. The Udaipur restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and prides itself on mixing eastern flavours with traditional Spanish dishes. In Black serves culinary dishes of choice from all over the world. The Koh Samui Asian restaurant offers specialty foods from the east, and the Palapa offers extraordinary Mediterranean style dishes from the west.

Key Facilities
There are two truly unique aspects to this Spanish hybrid that make it unforgettable. First, the Barceló’s delectable ensemble of restaurants is something you will not find anywhere else in Spain. Second, the idyllic repose of the hotel’s bespoke Thai Spa. Here, you can indulge in the 2,500 year old practice of Thai massage, offered by experts from the renowned Wat Pho national centre and Buddhist temple in Thailand.


With the aim of freeing your body from all earthly tensions, the Barceló Asian Garden’s Thai Spa provides a host of different programmes, treatments and therapies. Enjoy a traditional Nuad Thai massage or indulge in the Nuad 4 Hands, a fourhanded massage therapy from two of the spa’s specialists.

Why we love this hotel

  • A wide array of bespoke restaurants.
  • Luxurious Thai spa.
  • Champagne Bar.
  • Poolside Zen bar.

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