Assist Inventories: The Benefits of Using a Property Inventory


The Benefits of Using a Property Inventory Company in London

When an agent or landlord in London has to juggle housing contracts, guarantor/credit checks, deposit contracts, insurance and more, it is no wonder that something as comprehensive as an inventory can become a real headache. Sadly, we all know the problems that can occur from improper inventory checks and reports (the disputes over these matters are numerous throughout housing history). Often, it can bring the entire moving process to a standstill. So, in order to avoid these potential problems, many landlords, agents and tenants hire a certified inventory service to handle the task for them. But, if you’re not quite sure of the benefits offered by these companies, maybe this article can help.

1. Time. A professional inventory clerk can accurately assess the condition of a property’s utilities and items, quickly, efficiently and impartially. This eliminates many of the time sensitive disputes that can arise from the parties involved. At Assist Inventories, our clerks arrange to meet the tenants on their move-in day to hand over keys and go through the inventory report with them. Remember, hiring a dedicated professional to check any property is going to be far more efficient than using the already busy agent or landlord.

2. Debts and bills. We have all heard how tenants and landlords can get stuck with an unnecessary bill to pay at the beginning or end of a tenancy. With a professional inventory clerk, these discrepancies can be completely avoided. Many inventory clerks, including our own, record all of a property’s meter readings and the keys given to tenants or agents (a completed report is then sent to all parties involved within 24 hours).

3. Culpability and responsibility. We all know of the controversies surrounding damages compared to wear and tear during tenancies, and the legal obligations arising from poorly maintained safety equipment. A professional inventory service can absolutely make sure that these disputes are kept to a minimum. By double photographing and itemising everything in a household, and testing both smoke and CO2 detectors, an inventory clerk is able to consider all of a property’s key factors. These include the quality and condition of an item at the beginning of the tenancy and the nature of the occupants in the property over time. This will ensure fair treatment for all parties involved. At Assist Inventories in London, we do things properly and efficiently, saving you and your clients time and money.

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