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The Importance of Pictures in Property Inventories.

We have all heard the same story a thousand times before. A tenancy comes to an end and the respective tenants dispute the charges given to them after checkout. For agents, landlords and tenants alike, this is one of the biggest headaches of the moving process. A headache so prevalent in some parts of the country, it is almost accepted as a consequence of renting property. With official statistics suggesting that over half (56%) of all renters are dissatisfied with their agent’s level care, and with (according to the DPS) figures rising steadily year on year since 2013, there is now a need to make sure that correct inventory checks are done to avoid any costly consequences. Not to mention, with the current legislation that aims to ban tenant admin fees, it is more important than ever that estate agents, and the landlords they represent, are producing an optimum level of care.

The benefits to all parties involved are varied, but important to the success of the rental sector. For the landlord, the positive outcome of a certified inventory check is the clearest. If you have a trustworthy report that has a comprehensive enough image portfolio, you have a legally binding document that can be used to contest the opinions of any problem tenants. Equally, that same report and its pictures provides the tenant(s) with a document that accurately displays the quality of the property before occupation, and allows for a fair and honest assessment of wear and tear upon exit. For an agent, there is the most to gain. Firstly, an inventory service offers a higher level of care to both landlord and tenant, allowing you (the agent) to build up more customer trust and loyalty. Secondly, you do not have to spend money and time finding a camera that can produce these high quality images. Finally, (and most importantly) you will not have to set aside the time to take over 100 pictures (a standard number for many inventory companies) per property to create a good report.

At the core of every professional inventory check are its photographs. These are high quality images that can display clearly and without reasonable doubt the quality of a property to let. At Assist Inventories, we have a dedicated and certified team of professionals that can accurately assess a property’s interior. We know where in a property to acquire the necessary photographic evidence and how to ensure a property is represented fairly to tenant, landlord and agent alike. With around 150 pictures per report, our service is fully comprehensive and a real asset to the lettings process.

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