Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow


Welcome to Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland and home to some of the most glorious Victorian and Art Nouveau architecture in the U.K. It is a cultural hub of Scotland and a wonderful holiday destination. But, is this a prime location for the vegan community to find sublime dining, or a fine plant-based burger and chips? Well, wonder no more because we have the answers right here.


The 78
Let’s start this list off with something rustic, cosy and good for the body. Introducing the number 78. The 78 vegan kitchen and bar, based in Finniston, offers a fantastic range of vegan pub food, including burgers, wraps and specials prepared fresh daily. They also provide a set menu for an unforgettable evening dining experience and host live jazz every Sunday. Good food and good people all around.
Address: 10-14 Kelvinhaugh Street, G3 8NU
Contact: 0141 576 5018

(Kitchen Hours)                

Monday:          12:30pm – 08:45pm

Tuesday:          12:30pm – 08:45pm   

Wednesday:     12:30pm – 08:45pm   

Thursday:        12:30pm – 08:45pm   

Friday:             12:30pm – 08:45pm  

Saturday:         12:00pm – 08:45pm   

Sunday:           12:00pm – 08:45pm


Kind Crusts

If its gourmet sandwiches and mouth-watering doughnuts that you crave then look no further. Kind Crusts is the king of vegan sandwiches in Glasgow. Renowned for their attention to detail and unforgettable taste, they are perfect for a quick bite to eat, or a relaxing afternoon lunch with friends. They also offer delivery and catering services, and only by their ingredients from ethical wholesalers in Glasgow.

Address: 160 Garthland Drive, G31 2SG
Contact: 0141 258 3532

Monday:          09:00am – 03:00pm

Tuesday:          09:00pm – 03:00pm   

Wednesday:     (Closed)          

Thursday:        09:00pm – 03:00pm   

Friday:             09:00pm – 03:00pm  

Saturday:         09:00pm – 03:00pm   

Sunday:           10:00pm – 03:00pm



One of Glasgow’s trendier little numbers, Mono is a café/bar opened in 2002, which shares its roof with the renowned Monorail Music venue. With a strong sense of community spirit and an eclectic soundtrack to boot, this eatery is a must for the vegan adventurer and nightlife lover. On their menu, they offer an array of pizzas, bespoke sandwiches and tantalising desserts (the raw chocolate and avocado cheesecake is truly unforgettable).

Address: 12 Kings Court, G1 5RB
Contact: 0141 553 2400


(Kitchen Hours)

Monday:          12 noon – 09:00pm

Tuesday:          12 noon – 09:00pm    

Wednesday:     12 noon – 09:00pm    

Thursday:        12 noon – 09:00pm    

Friday:              12 noon – 09:00pm   

Saturday:         12 noon – 09:00pm    

Sunday:           12 noon – 09:00pm



Based on Ingram Street, the Picnic Café is the first plant-based eatery to hit Glasgow’s city centre. Covered in modern minimalist décor, it is a sweet little eatery that offers a whole host of crusty sandwiches, fresh soups and soft scones with cream. Picnic is the best pit stop for the vegan wonderer, or a great place to sit down with a casual coffee and catch up on some paperwork.

Address: 103 Ingram Street, G1 1DX
Contact: 0141 552 8788


Monday:          08:00am – 04:30pm

Tuesday:          08:00am – 04:30pm   

Wednesday:     08:00am – 04:30pm   

Thursday:        08:00am – 04:30pm   

Friday:             08:00am – 04:30pm  

Saturday:         08:00am – 04:30pm   

Sunday:           10:00am – 04:30pm



Conveniently placed right next to Glasgow’s Central Station, this vegan gem is a trendy home away from home. Snuggled into Renfield Lane, Stereo is a well-known music venue in the city and offers a fantastic selection of vegan culinary delights. Although the menu is not specifically tailored to vegans, their soups, sandwiches, pizzas, quesadillas and tapas is consistently creative and delicious when it is. They make all their breads and cakes in house, and they offer different specialities on a daily rotation. At Stereo, you will be truly spoilt for choice.

Address: 22-28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH
Contact: 0141 2222254

(Opening Hours)

Monday:          11:00am – 01:00am

Tuesday:          11:00am – 01:00am   

Wednesday:     11:00am – 01:00am   

Thursday:        11:00am – 01:00am   

Friday:             11:00am – 03:00am  

Saturday:         11:00am – 03:00am   

Sunday:           11:00am – 01:00am


The Hug and Pint

For an all vegan kitchen and Asian inspired cuisine look no further than the Hug and Pint. Having recently found themselves in The Herald’s ‘Best Restaurants of 2016’, these guys give their customers an exquisite dining experience, combined with the laid back feel of a contemporary bar (including local ales and bar snacks aplenty). Its music venue, comedy shows and menu is well known in the student circuit, although the bar itself welcomes people from all over the city throughout its opening hours. This is one of Glasgow’s trendiest spots, so dress to impress.

Address: 171 Great Western Rd, G4 9AW
Contact: 0141 331 1901

(Kitchen Hours)

Monday:          12 noon – 10:00pm

Tuesday:          12 noon – 10:00pm    

Wednesday:     12 noon – 10:00pm    

Thursday:        12 noon – 10:00pm    

Friday:             12 noon – 10:00pm   

Saturday:         12 noon – 10:00pm    

Sunday:           12 noon – 10:00pm


The Project Café

And now for something a little sweeter, gentler and more grass roots. The Project Café is a social enterprise designed to create a space for ethically and environmentally sound food, and also an exhibition space for local artists. With partners Elidi and Tiril at the helm, the café is a popular meeting space and vegan haven. Their menu is concise and heart-warming, offering a variety of soups, cakes, fresh salads and Mediterranean influenced dishes from local trusted vendors.

Address: 2-1a Fleming House, 134 Renfrew Street, G3 6ST
Contact: 01413329520


Monday:          09:00am – 05:00pm

Tuesday:          09:00am – 05:00pm   

Wednesday:     09:00am – 05:00pm   

Thursday:        09:00am – 05:00pm   

Friday:             09:00am – 05:00pm  

Saturday:         10:00am – 05:00pm   

Sunday:           (Closed)


The Flying Duck

A lively subterranean café, bar and club with a sense of humour, The Flying Duck is one of Glasgow’s best-kept secrets. Offering food, music, nightlife, board games, film screenings, pub quizzes and more, The Duck is a favourite underground haunt for many young people in the city. Their kitchen offers some fantastically understated vegan options, including the likes of the Macarrito (a burrito filled with macaroni) and their self-professed ‘decadent milkshake’ collection, all of which will keep your tastes buds grooving for hours.

Address: 142 Renfield St, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 3AU
Contact: 01415641450

(Kitchen Hours)

Monday:          12 noon – 10:00pm

Tuesday:          12 noon – 10:00pm    

Wednesday:     12 noon – 10:00pm    

Thursday:        12 noon – 10:00pm    

Friday:             12 noon – 11:00pm   

Saturday:         12 noon – 11:00pm    

Sunday:           04:00pm– 10:00pm


Soy Division 

The name says it all really. This quirky little café is on the up in Glasgow and offers an eclectic array of vegan options, ranging from their sticky tofu to their baked falafels. They are well known now for their sandwiches and pizza slices, but what makes this vegan café better than all the rest is their cakes. From sticky buns to strawberry and chocolate raw cheesecake, and even bespoke birthday cakes, Soy Division know their way around an oven and a baking tray.

Address: 51 Kilmarnock Rd, G41 3YN
Contact: 07702 027676

Monday:          (Closed)

Tuesday:          09:00am – 05:00pm   

Wednesday:     09:00am – 05:00pm   

Thursday:        09:00am – 05:00pm   

Friday:              09:00am – 05:00pm  

Saturday:         09:00am – 05:00pm   

Sunday:           11:00am – 05:00pm


The 13th Note 

By far the trendiest and most avant-garde of this list, the 13th is a popular music venue, art exhibition space and vegan/vegetarian café, based on King Street. Stocking a fine line of beers from the Williams Brothers, WEST and a great selection of vegan beers, the venue holds the award for best chips in Glasgow (for the last 2 years running). Playing host to bands nearly every night, the 13th Note is primed for an exciting evening out, and with dreamy cheesecakes, sticky toffee pudding on tap and butterbean pate, who could ask for me?

Address: 150-60 King St, G1 5QT
Contact: 0141 553 1638

(Kitchen Hours)

Monday:          12 noon – 05:00pm

Tuesday:          12 noon – 05:00pm    

Wednesday:     12 noon – 05:00pm    

Thursday:        12 noon – 05:00pm    

Friday:            12 noon – 05:00pm   

Saturday:         12 noon – 05:00pm    

Sunday:           12 noon – 05:00pm


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