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Stockholm Holidays
There is nothing quite like the city of Stockholm. It is a fantastic site of contemporary human ingenuity. The city is comprised of 14 separate islands that are linked by over 50 bridges. All the islands sit on the legendary Lake Mälaren, a place riddled in ancient Norse myths and folktales. As a result, modern-day Stockholm is a cosmopolitan place and has a unique mix of the modern and the traditional. Some say it is the Scandinavian Venice. Its architecture has been relatively untouched by history and largely comprises of stunning 13th century terracotta buildings. It is the perfect backdrop to the Swedish skyline and ideal for any budding culture vultures out there. In fact, between the staggering monuments dotted throughout the city and the 800-year-old Old Town, this is the ideal place to brush up on your Swedish history.

As the area is 30% waterways and 30% greenery, Stockholm is not your usual capital city. In fact, many of the locals recommend seeing it by bike. As each of the city’s neighbourhoods has its own distinct character, it’s worth travelling briskly and lightly on two wheels. Everywhere you go, you’ll find bespoke cuisine and trend setting styles, so it’s the perfect place to forget about the hustle and bustle of your mundane nine-to-five. In the summer, the city reaches highs of 21 degrees. In the winter, the temperature can reach as low as -5 degrees. So, if you are thinking of spending Christmas here, pack an extra jumper or two. Generally, Stockholm is pleasantly mild, with many favouring a dip in the Swedish sea most months of the year. Welcome to a gentler pace of life in Sweden’s cultural hub.

Top Stockholm resorts


One of Stockholm’s most affluent boroughs, Östermalm hosts some of Stockholm’s nicest hotels and is home to a wide variety of things to do. Whether it’s a family stroll around the Nationalstadsparken (the National City Park), a playful visit to the Gröna Lund amusement park or a slice of Sweden’s nightlife in Stureplan Square, this trendy district has got you covered.

The Gamla Stan (The Old Town)

Surrounded by waterfront views and medieval architecture, spending your holiday in the Old Town is a truly unforgettable experience. As the founding location of Stockholm in 1252, it offers you the Royal Palace, the Swedish Parliamentary buildings and the Nobel Museum.

As a big part of Stockholm’s business district, this is the site of luxury and class. In Norrmalm, you will find the majority of the city’s best restaurants, central railway station and theatre district. It’s also known amongst tourists for the pedestrian shopping street Drottninggatan, a must for gift givers and collectors.

Exploring Stockholm…

Things to do in Stockholm

The Stadshuset

This is Stockholm’s most prominent landmark. It is renowned for hosting the Nobel Prize banquet in its famous Blue Hall and has a cellar restaurant open to the public. The building offers guided tours, featuring a 10,000-piped organ, the Golden Hall and the Nobelmuseet (Nobel Prize History Museum).

Vasa Museum
Home to Stockholm’s prized 380-year-old warship the Vasa, the maritime museum is part boat and part exhibition. It is one of Stockholm’s most visited attractions, and is loved by locals and tourists alike. The 69-metre-long warship sank just 20 minutes into her maiden voyage in 1628.
Ekhagenbadet Beach

Located in the northern part of Djurgården, this beach is frequented by families, travellers and students alike. Surrounded by lush greenery and stunning forests, it is the perfect place to sit down and have a Swedish picnic or a dip in the water.
Moderna Museet
Welcome to Stockholm’s modern art maverick. Its permanent installations include a range of paintings, sculptures, photos and videos. From the surreal works of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso to the modern displays of Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol, this is a hotspot for the contemporary arts.

Food and drink in Stockholm…

Stockholm Cuisine
Traditional Swedish cuisine is largely based on fish, meat and potatoes. Both the taste and presentation is always impeccable. The most unusual specialities tend to originate from the north of Sweden. These include reindeer, elk and wild berry salads. In the south of the country (and Stockholm), you will find only the freshest herring and salmon in a variety of forms. If you are vegetarian, you will have no problem finding food to eat, as Stockholm prides itself on serving a range of non-meat options. And with your meal, you have a great selection of ‘large-type’ beers and imported wines from all over Europe. For the adventurous amongst you, the native drink of choice is ‘Akvavit’, which comes in a bunch of weird and wonderful flavours, ranging from lemon to cumin-and-dill.

Restaurants in Stockholm

Although the restaurants can be slightly pricey, all of the food is usually of a high quality. And as Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm has a huge variety of food to offer from all over the world. For the best in Swedish fine dining and the option to grab a cheaper lunchtime meal as well, try the Oaxen Krog and Slip. Founded by Magnus Ek and Agneta Green, their restaurants are pioneers of the ‘Nordic Bistro – think smoky arctic char and grilled pork chops with anchovy butter. If you would like to taste the best Swedish meatballs in the country (a bold claim), try ‘meatballs for the people’. Located in the district of Södermalm, the team offers you a collection of meats, ranging from game and pork to fish and fowl. If you are feeling adventurous, try the moose meatballs with dill and fennel seeds.

Going to Stockholm with easyJet holidays…

Stockholm is a great summer getaway and the perfect winter wonderland. With a variety of quality food, drink and sights to see, the city is a Scandinavian gem. Packed with museums, art and an exciting nightlife, the city is the ideal way to explore northern Europe.

Booking with easyJet holidays gives you the flexible and affordable holiday that you deserve. And remember, if you book your flights and hotel together, you can save even more. So, why not take a trip to Sweden’s capital city? You won’t regret it.




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