Ernest Inventory Article: HÖRD’s Lepidopterist Flask (Print)


HÖRD’s Lepidopterist Flask

After a particularly frosty day combing the strandline, Ernest enjoys a little ‘nip’ to warm his bones. Courtesy of the nice people at HÔRD, he carries his favourite peaty single malt in his very own Lepidopterist flask. Forged in the brazen moorlands of Yorkshire, this oxblood coloured gem is part of HÔRD’s range of bespoke leather goods, a collection so fine that the Norse Gods blush with envy. Founded by life partners Gemma and Jason in 2011, the Huddersfield based studio only uses the highest-quality hides, tooling and packaging all of its products by hand. Featured in ‘The Guardian’, ‘Liberty of London’, ‘Stylist Magazine’, ‘The Natural History Museum’ and more, HÔRD boasts an array of jewellery, monogrammed belts, flasks and plates. Their delicately engraved Lepidopterist flask is the perfect rustic gift for any gentle nomad. £70,

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