Ernest Inventory Article: Twin Peaks Tarot Cards (Print)


Twin Peaks Tarot Cards

Depending on your preferred medium, spirit animal or shaman, you may be familiar with the fortunes of Tarot cards. If your interests lie in existentialism, dreams and pondering how the mind reveals ‘itself to itself’, you might know of David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’. The combination of the two is the work of illustrator Benjamin Mackey. Based on the Rider Waite deck, Mackey adds a brilliantly nostalgic dimension to your divinatory efforts. The 22-card Major Arcana set include Bob as the ‘Devil’, traditionally illustrating spiritual blindness and impulsivity, ‘The High Priestess’ Margaret Lanterman (with her log), customarily considered a medium for the unknown, and Cooper ‘The Magician’, the confident traverser of the unconscious and conscious mind. For those unfamiliar with Tarot, many hands can be dealt, but the simple 3-card arrangement (past, present and future) is a great start. Perfect for a night in with a damn good cup of coffee.

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